The 4 Magical Affirmations!

I help people build a real, sustainable online business with multiple streams of Income! (2)


These affirmations will change your life!

I am Emanuel Rendas! married with the Most Beautiful Women in the world, Betsy Rendas and we have been married for almost 17 years.

We have 5 Adorable kids, 4 boys, and one Girl!

I am A Life and Leader Coach passionate in Unleash greatness in people’s lives!

I am a Network/Digital Marketer Helping People to Create their Dream life, a life allowing people to be where they want, with whom they want when they want!

Speaking in Public!

TIME AND FREEDOM, its the ultimate goal! Imagining having the time to do everything you always desire?! Right, that thought made you smile, and that’s my ultimate goal; make people smile! be happy and enjoy the best Life has to offer them! 

Ok, Let me just talk a bit about myself2e71f6086d67b8d33d55e58cccf53401

I struggled my entire life, not knowing my real purpose!

I thought, as society brainwashes us, that I was meant to live, work, pay bills and that to be successful only a very selected group of people!

Until, one day, back in 2016, I ended Up Watching a Video of the Well known Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich!

It totally changed my mind and belief system! I began a journey of searching for the Powerful truth that anyone in life can achieve whatever they want!

As Napolean Hill said “If you can think in your head, you can have it in your hand”

I did find out that the Inner conversation we had with ourselves was the most powerful dialogue we can ever have in Life!

I learned a good way to begin to change that dialogue It´s, to begin with, Positive Affirmations!

Positive affirmations are simple sentences that people use to describe how they want to be, or how they want their circumstances to be, in a way that affirms that it’s already true, or on its way to becoming true.


People repeat positive affirmations in order to change the way they feel about themselves, or their perception of their circumstances so that eventually they arrive at the change that the affirmation is supposed to lead them.

Now Let´s dive into 4 magical words that will change your life if you do it consistently 


These Four Magical Words I am about to share with you became known from an experience experienced by Hawaiian therapist and teacher as an unbelievable story

This man managed to heal an entire pavilion of mentally ill criminals in Hawaii without even talking and interacting with any of them by analyzing each patient’s files!

The Therapist applied the keywords of positive affirmation repeating time after time. These techniques changed the criminal´s mood, consequently, the mental activity of the detainees also changed.

The results were so surprising that in a nutshell it can be stated that the therapist, managed to cure the prisoners while He was healing Himself.

I allow, I accept, I receive and I Thank You!

This is a practice that is not heard in many teachings but is powerful to purify, enlighten your own spirit to get rid of bad feelings that hold the mind in a negative vibration!

If you do it on a daily basis, your subconscious mind will begin to adopt this belief!!

Positive vibes only. Splash paint

Let´s Start the positive powerful affirmations:

“I allow money my life, I accept money, I receive money in my life and I thank you for the money in my life”

“I allow a lot of money into my ways, I accept the entrance of a lot of money on my ways, I receive a lot of money on my ways”


“I thank you for the entrance of a lot of money in my ways, I allow, I accept, I receive, I thank you “

” I allow the wealth in my life, I accept Wealth in my life, I receive wealth in my life, I thank you for the wealth in my life”


“I allow, I accept, I receive and I thank you!”

I allow the manifestation of wealth in my ways, I accept the manifestation of wealth in my ways, I receive the manifestation of wealth in my ways,

I thank for the manifestation of wealth in my ways, I allow I accept, I receive and I appreciate “

“I allow prosperity in my life, I accept the prosperity in my life, I receive prosperity in my life, I thank you for prosperity in my life”


“I allow, I accept, I receive and I thank you!”

“I am allowing the manifestation of abundance in my ways, I accept the manifestation of abundance in my ways, I receiving the manifestation of abundance in my ways, I appreciate the manifestation of abundance in my ways”


“I allow, I accept, I receive and I thank you!”

Put Emotion on these affirmations! See yourself Enjoying the Life you always desired!!!

The Benefits of frequent practice of this method for your financial life are numerous, the main ones are :

  • Mental Improvement
  • Unlocking prosperity,
  • The consciousness of high self-esteem,
  • The feeling of having already
  • The motivation for success,
  • Right decision making,
  • Creating a new reality
  • Pioneering
  • Millionaire vision.
  • Health Improvement
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Certainty of victory

Abundance Word Cloud

Let´s keep confessing our positive affirmations:

I get easy money, I get fast money, I get unexpected money,  I get millionaire money, I appreciate my wealth”

“I thank for my success, I thank for my achievements “

“Yes, I am a prosperous person, Yes, I am a magnet for money and I firmly believe I receive easy money.

I firmly believe I get quick money, I firmly believe I get unexpected money, I firmly believe I get millionaire money”


“I have a millionaire life, I accept to have a millionaire life. I appreciate having a millionaire life and ways that allow me to experience a millionaire life”

I accept to experience a millionaire life, I get the feeling of experiencing a millionaire life, I appreciate experiencing a millionaire life!

If you do these affirmations consistently, for at least 21 days, You will notice Major breakthroughs in your life!!

The KEY,  the Mother of all laws.. is the Law of Repetition! The more you repeat, the more your subconscious mind will believe what you say its true!

So, wright it down or Print these affirmations! Do once in the morning, just after wake up and once in the evening before you sleep!

I firmly believe this affirmation will create a new reality in you and they will definitely bring you positive results into your life! 

My name is Emanuel, I am a Certified Life and Leader Coach and  I am part of a very Supportive Community where development is provided with like-minded people.

Designed to deliver enriching and life-altering building blocks.
Our mission is to help you heal and transform on multiple levels to reach your goals and to live the life you long for while helping others to do the same.

Based on reality, integrity, transparency, generosity, honesty, faith, family, and community, Heal offers the opportunity to earn on everything while creating strong foundations to take with you along any path you

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