Pastor Nerida Walker, a Gift of God for our Generation

Today i want to share about a fantastic Person, a dear friend that i met through FB and its being a blessing in our lives.. A person who is a pure expression of Gods love, of His kindness, of His tenderness. Pastor Nerida its a Blessed Pastor from Australia that God is raising up in this Generation to preach the Gospel of Grace and with a special  passion to help others struggling through infertility. Pastor Nerida has a pure desire to unveil Jesus and His finished Work. I know that you will be blessed by watching and reading about this ministry.
Me and my wife are in love for her Ministry. First time that i watched Pastor Nerida was last year on youtube preaching at New Creation Church. So far, i think Pastor Nerida was the Only Woman Pastor beside Pastor Lian Preaching at New Creation Church in Singapore, you can check on this link:
310420_2688270571836_1652394827_n (1)
When i was in Singapore a dear friend offered me the book ” It is Finished” of Pastor Nerida, here is the link to check the books.
I loved that book, was a blessing to me while i was in Singapore. I was going through same things and this book helped me to look at Jesus  and to Rest in His Finished Work no matter what. Was such a encouragment for me.
I know that many people lives are being transformed by this ministries, specially couples that still struggling to have babies…
Here is the descrition of Pastor´s Nerida Website
Nerida Walker is the mother of four miracle children: Kaitlin, Aidan, and twins, Aaron and Jesse. In 1994, Nerida’s husband Shaun was diagnosed as sterile, but through the truth in God’s Word they conceived and had four children, within four and a half years. Based on her own experience, and with a passion to help others struggling through infertility, Nerida co-founded New Life Ministries – Bringing life to Barrenness a non-denominational Christian ministry catering to couples who need prayer, encouragement, and the knowledge of God’s will in any area of childbearing. *New Life Ministries is a ministry of RIVER Christian Church.See more at:

This is the Link where you can check on Youtube Pastor Nerida Preaching ://

I really fell so blessed by this ministry that i just wanted to share with all of you my beloveds friends. And Im sure that you will be blessed. I encourage all my dear friends to watch, hear and read this Pastor because i know that you will be blessed.

God is raising up ministries that proclaim with boldness the righteousness of God, and Pastor Nerida its one of them.

Here is the website to know more about this wonderful ministrie


One thought on “Pastor Nerida Walker, a Gift of God for our Generation

  1. Dear pastor nerida walker I hard you on the internet and you was talking about prangancy and me and my husband married over five years and we what to the doctor and the docator say we cannot have kids and i cry alot and we need a miracle from god all around me is prangant women and I get sad so I need you to pray for me and my husdand pleases I like your mistery I wish you could pray for me .

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