FB, God’s tool to open doors..


Today, I was reasoning about FB, the way God use it to change my life and life of others..

Since I started to use FB my life wasn’t the same again.. When I heard about the gospel of Grace, first through Bertie Brits and than Joseph Prince I search for new friends of Grace on Facebook..

Day after day I was making New Friendships, I started to fellowship with people from all over the world… In my Hardest moments God used people on FB to encourage me..

I couldn’t met people like you if was not through FB.. I feel really blessed, because it’s like a family for us…

And what a big joy to meet personally some of them? It’s fantastic, what a wonderful feeling the moment that we see face to face people that you use only to chat on FB..

For sure all of us as great testimonies and experiences that can be shared. I know like me FB change manha lives.. Hey, I’m focusing on The good part, how God used or for His purpose and to blessed us..

The amazing thing is that I found in FB a way to expressing things of my heart.. And I’ve been blessed I’m learning with so many friends.

This years it’s been an fantastic year, because of FB I met personally people in USA, Singapore, Malaysia.. And I had great experiences..

Changed me forever.. I’m soooo, grateful to God… I’m not saying that over use FB like a addiction is good, I’m just being positive…

Today, it’s like being a part of me that nobody can’t take away.. If people could understand how me and my wife were so alone for a time and why we feel blessed by many friends of FB will realize how blessed se feel…

So, I would like  to hear some experiences since you use FB and how the Lord used it to open doors..

As you noticed I do not use this blog just to share Gods word bit indeed to communicate and express my heart and hear about you and your experiences.

Have a blessed day..


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