When we receive a revelation of Grace and we are attending a Legalist fellowship. What to do ?


I want to encourage those who perhaps are facing some struggles, some challenges and some opposition because you are standing for the Gospel Of  Grace. I want to share without exposing any name or domination. i believe that’s not correct do something like that.

I had a experience  when I heard the Gospel of Grace,  a lot of opposition.. Many times and due my old religions standards i thought that i was rebel because i believed different of my leaders, i even  thought due what I learned that ” How could be possible getting a different revelation of my leaders” How ridiculous i was being, but this thoughts that i struggled was because my lack of knowledge.

While I was diving in His Grace more i was being set free from Mind manipulation and opening my heart for the true freedom that we find in Christ. Was on this stage that I learned with Pastor Prince to make decisions based where there’s life or death, not based if that’s right or wrong.. Was crucial for me to realize this..

What I can say is that the Lord is faithful, He never fail, even though you might be accused of many lies just despise he accusations, the best answer its a close mouth… Just keep your eyes on Jesus even if the natural circumstances tell you otherwise.

If the Lord reveal to you the Gospel Of Grace and you are attending a church where there’s legalism with a mixture of law and Grace don’t lose your hope… If even though your leader do not agree with you keep looking at Jesus.

Just let God does what is correct at the right time. Sometimes you can ask yourself ” But if i get the revelation of Grace why others in my church don’t get it? “Well, Don’t thing that you are smarter than others, perhaps the Lord chose you to be the channel, or perhaps the Lord is setting you up for a great thing.. “Isn’t about how much you are smart but about the faithfulness of the Lord in your life and His purpose

If people continues to reject what you believe maybe its time to think where the Lord really want you. . Please , I’m not encouraging anyone to leave church, but just follow your heart.. But we are not here to please man, but to follow what the Lord as for us.

Sometimes we received prophecies when we are attending a fellowship. And than most of the times (due mind manipulation of religion) we get stuck with pathetic mindset that we will stay forever there due the prophecies that we received… But we don’t live from prophecy to prophecy but by the  finished work of Christ.

Now, as well, I’ve seen believers that hear the Gospel of grace and just go away from the Church (fellowship) because they was hurt, they are tired of legalism, of condemnation an guilty. And i understand that, many of them are right,,im not criticizing that because i went through the same and i really can put in their shoes.

But what concerns me its people using Grace to project they hurts and start to declare that the bible is no more important, the devil doesn’t exit, is just a mindset,etc.we don’t need to hear and gather to fellowship .Listen, attending the fellowship isn’t about going in order to be blessed, we are blessed in Christ, but there’s benefits, Perhaps God use the preacher to speak to your heart.. And The power of fellowship with people its tremendous…. And isolation isn’t good, isn’t healthy indeed…

Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you through the bible, yes, we are lead by the Spirit but if you put way your bible you are neglecting the latter of love that God wrote for you.

My dear friend from FB Mia Den Hertog  said this powerful truths :

I’m sick and tired of people mocking and doing as if the Bible is something worthless!!
Its an amazing book: OT and NT and I love the perfection of it….
Its just ignorance of Jesus finished work that makes people think they don’t need a bible….or that there are plenty of mistakes in the bible.
Yes, there have been things translated wrongly, things added or maybe left out, but therefore we have the LIVING WORD living in us, to discern, but I LOVE to study the Word, it testifies of an amazingly completeness!! Every word, every name, every number, colour, every action, circumstance, substance, everything has a meaning!
But most people who think they don’t need the written word, they also believe they don’t need ‘teachers’…. (because “they have the ‘Teacher’ living inside of them”…Yes, the Teacher lives in me too, but I love to hear others speaking about things He already told me … so confirming!!)
Go and find a good teacher and start reading all over, with different eyes: finished work of Jesus eyes, and stand amazed about the perfection!! (even in the ‘wrong translations’)
We are blessed to have the written and the living Word!!

Today, when i read this, just blew away my mind, so,true. This sister just nailed..

We’ve got be careful don’t use Grace to justify our rejection of the past provoked by religion and legalism. There’s some fellows out there on FB thinking that they are revolutionaries , but their motivation its just to feed their ego and get approval from people… Be aware of that, don’t let them deceive you.

So, if you are facing something similar don’t lose your hope, Jesus is faithful and perhaps he chose you to be a leader among many,not because you are smarter than others.. But God knows your heart and His response to you isn’t based in your skills and abilities but in Jesus perfect sacrifice..

Beholding Jesus it’s the most practical thing that we can do in our lives.. Isn’t about a outwardly laziness but an inwardly peace grounded in His love for you..
Grace change your heart, heals you from your past rejection.. If we have a true revelation of Grace we’ll never use anything on the bible to justify and feed our ego.. The most powerful thing that you can ask God is wisdom, a revelation of what He already did for you..

I hope this speaks to you, i just felt a prompting in my heart to share wit all of you


Emanuel Rendas


12 thoughts on “When we receive a revelation of Grace and we are attending a Legalist fellowship. What to do ?

  1. I love this post. It talks about exactly what I’m facing; i.e. having the revelation of Grace in a legalism church. I love it.
    lol… but next time I think you should read over a number of times to correct the little grammatical errors…..

    • Amen bro….Im glad for you 🙂 . Regarding the grammatical errors its natural once i just write english since 2011 where i started to learn, but any correction and help its always welcome to improve.. Bless you bro

  2. Legalism, in a group, systematically taught bears it’s own fruit. It leads to judging others, comparing oneself with others, gossip, and hypocrisy. When people are not assured of being accepted in the Father’s love, there is no room for love for one another and breeds suspicion for those who have the audacity to believe the Father loves them. This is what makes it difficult to stay in a group for fellowship with one another.

  3. While it is true we cannot be saved, “by the Law”, we cannot do, “without” the Law. This was the Devil’s complaint in Heaven and it will be the last deception before the coming of Christ, that the Law was done away with at the Cross, or even to live in the Grace dispensation and not the Law. We need BOTH. We are going to be judged by the Law but it will be Grace which is given when I repent of my sin and we know, “sin is transgression against the Law”. Where there is no Law, there can be no transgression (sin). There needs to be found a balance, otherwise, we’re all doomed. I like your post. It seems to speak to those who are finding there way and it’s my prayer you will. May He continue to bless. I will also add this to my site for further readership.

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