Testimony of my Son Diogo Healed from Asthma with the confirmation of Medical Report

My beloveds Friends, I shared a testimony of my Son Diogo on Facebook a while ago but was coming to my heart to Share here on my Blog..This is strong and powerful!!  But this post was shared before the last appointment with the doctor, in the end of this testimony im sharing already after the medical report10 July 2013

Since He was born he struggled with asthma.. We spent night after night in the Hospital to get Oxygen, Aerosols etc…. Meanwhile, when he was 2 years ( 2009) old he was hospitalized with Pneumonia, very serious. For a moment the doctors said to us that he wont make it, he will die.. What a pain, what a emotional torture.. But we look at God, but very fearfully, but in my previous church my pastors stood up in faith with us, and they were a real support in that time and all the brethren.. After a few days he left the hospital well, but under medication.

Since that time nothing change, nights in the hospital, he were hospitalized more 3 times due asthma.. I don’t blame anyone, just my lack of knowledge what was the Finished work..

Last week, Diogo was sick again. My wife took him to the Hospital and the doctors were in shocked how is was breathing and still alive… That night my wife told me that he had very hard moments, so hard to know that… I was declaring the perfection of finished work in Him, but very honest, i wasn’t in peace, i wasn’t resting in God’s love..

I shared what was happening with a very good friend, Pastor Ben, NCC and his words for me was very encouraging for me.. But honestly i still have some fear in my heart.. But i was so down and i sent other mail because i was in the front of my son seeing Him breathing so hard, and this Pastor told me this in the midst of other words:

” I believe you are getting just tiny glimpse to what our Heavenly Father feels when He saw what Jesus went through at the Cross. His pain is much greater than ours and Jesus’ pain heals your son!”

This words made me cry imagining the tears of God looking at His Son at the Cross and i began to focus in His love for my son and for us.. Mean while brother Simon Yap encouraged me a lot like our sister Liezel Evergreen

When i was sharing with dear Pastor Nerida Walker about my sons condition and in the midst of such wonderful encouragement the Pastor Said :

” At 6 yrs old teach him this!!! It is HIS BODY, tell him Jesus has given him authority over his own body and over ALL sickness and disease!!! All means ALL Tell Him how He releases Kingdom power is through His Words. Command that condition Asthma, Allergies etc to LEAVE His body and for Hi lungs/airways to open up so He can breathe! ”

When i heard this words ” this came out from my heart ” Asthma is placed in a illegal ground, you body sons was purchased by my blood… The signature of the contract was written by my blood…

This made me shake inside of me, like ” Woooowwww, i receive a revelation by the encouragement of this two beloveds pastors” I had such a boldness that i went to the hospital and i spoke to Asthma ” Get out dude, your are in illegal ground, my sons body was purchased by Jesus blood, its Jesus property and we teach Diogo what pastor Nerida told me to tell him..

For the first time i knew that asthma left my body’s Son.. we were rejoicing inside.. The doctor told my wife that Diogo would stay 3 weeks in the hospital and he stayed only 5 days..

He is home, i believe completely healed. I want to encourage people struggling with any sickness or anything else to not condemn yourself if seems that you cant see changes, simply look at God’s love for you and what Jesus has done for you… Nothing else, you are the righteousness of God, your were made perfect forever in Him…

Declare His true over your life. Pastor Nerida told me this “Its not about what you know but who you know”, Pastor Ben told me this ” The Word in Isaiah 40:11,
11 He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His arm,( arms speaks of power) And carry them in His bosom (bosom speaks of love), And gently lead those who are with young.”

The revelation of HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU is the answer for everything. Nothing else can be more powerful.. Love you all..

And this one was after the Medical report: 11 of July 2013

I gave a testimony about my son Diogo. About His struggle with asthma. What i said in that testimony was what we felt in our heart, what we believed, all before the last medical report. Besides asthma he had anemia and were allergic to the dust ..

After one day  he went to the last exam with the same doctor that followed Him in all the process while he was seeing his exams and checking is lungs the doctor said crying a bit” this kid is healed, this is miracle, the condition of Diogo before was to leave in him injuries. He has no asthma, the Lungs are perfect and his blood level is perfect and is not allergic anymore to the dust” and to finalize the doctor said ” I know that Diogo will not comeback anymore to the Hospital, He is healed.”

Praise the Lord, what a blessed heavenly with have.. We are so loved by Him…



8 thoughts on “Testimony of my Son Diogo Healed from Asthma with the confirmation of Medical Report

  1. Father God you are the great physician,there is non like you. We praise you and give you all glory for Diogo’s healing. In Jesus name Amen

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