Jesus changed my life Through this Ministry..MUST READ!!!!


Before post other things that God is unveiling me i just want to share this: Because was by this Ministry that my life changed.

God is an amazing and He “Use” people to share His heart through His word.. And this note it’s to say the one that God “used” to change my life.. and this man was Joseph Prince..Well, i never met Joseph Prince personally but i can say this pastor it’s a real deal.

I have been watching, hearing, many Grace Preachers, I mean, very Good ones that i really love to watch, precious ones indeed, no doubt ,but every time that I hear Joseph Prince something magic happen in my heart.. My hear start to boiling and getting exiting every time that i hear Him preaching about Jesus.. As Pastor Prince says, ” I’m not so smart, but sometimes this preacher get so good that i take notes myself :)”  He knows who lives through Him….

Well, please,let me tell you this.. Im not making Joseph Prince a idol, I know that Jesus is the one that Made Pst. Prince the blessing that He is… I’m very conscious of who I am, and who is Jesus in me to be able to separate and know what Im saying above.. Even though anyone do not understand and see my heart here im OK, I’m God’s beloved and His perfect opinion of me its the more important..

When I went to Singapore for the first time this year in March By God’s Grace and the goodness of one wonderful pastor Me, my brother in Law (Antonio Novais) and my brother (Samuel Rendas) gave a testimony in Video with New Creation ChurchImage

One of the Things that I said while i was answering the Questions and sharing how Pastor Prince sermons impacted my life was more or less like that ” Hearing Pastor Prince its like diving in the Ocean of God endless love” and other thing i said was ” I’ve spent money in great things in my entire life, but the money I spent most worthy until today was the ” $ 9.50″ in Joseph Prince book ” Destined to Reign” ..That affirmation came from the bottom of my heart because i knew what that book change my life.

And one of the things that amazed us was every time the people that we met there always was getting all the glory to Jesus..Every time that we praised their Pastor they point for Jesus right away showing us that they Know that Jesus is the One.. Jesus is the one that make them a success..

I never forget one thing that one precious and lovely Pastor that i met over there told me when i said this ” Its amazing how God choose a man to change the world” honestly i was mentioning Joseph Prince because of ministry of Grace, but that precious pastor even though is His pastor replied me this right away ” That’s why He sent Jesus”

Wow,regardless their success they humble themselves knowing that Jesus is the One that make them a blessing…

So, im really grateful for Pastor Prince Ministry because through his preachings My life changed,i could understand that i was God’s beloved, that I was the righteousness of God,that I was eternally accepted.. And than my relationship with my wife changed, with my kids, my attitude at the work..

I become myself knowing who I was, i stopped try to please people because i heard pastor Prince saying that God was already pleased with us.. God healed me from rejection because I heard pastor Prince saying that I was accepted in the beloved..

I was so exited that i got all His books, a bunch of sermons, and I was spending at my work all my work hours hearing Pastor Prince in my cellphone.( Well, i don’t advice people do this where they can’t, i did during time work because my work allow me to do)

And when i stood up for Grace, many adversities came, and what kept me looking for Jesus was pastor Prince books, sermons… Wait, let me stop here.. My first priority was the bible and my precious moments with God.. What im saying is that all books and sermons helped me to have a better relationship with God and a better time of reading bible…

In the beginning when I hear Grace, i was in a very bad financial situation.. Many times i had to sleep in My Car (Im welder and here in Belgium sometimes we work far away from home) and a couple of times when nobody knew i was sleeping in the container of the factory because i had no money to go back home and don’t loss the job.

But I look back, and I’m not sorry for that because during that time i had something precious with me, my bible and Pastor Prince books and sermons.. What an amazing time i had… the Holy Spirit was changing my heart.

Because of the Joy and happiness was abundantly in my life i made this I gave this outburst ” God why took so long for me to get 30 years? I found the true happiness in my life, Im loved by You and knowing who I am and what Jesus did for me”

So, i thank God first to sent Hi Son to die for us and to gives us His abundant Grace and the FREE Gift of Righteousness . For Pastor Prince and His Ministry and the impact that had in my life..And for the people that By HIS favor are in my life and area blessing to me, encouraging me and helping me in this Glorious Path..

All the Glory to God…….




4 thoughts on “Jesus changed my life Through this Ministry..MUST READ!!!!

  1. Its all about Jesus and His finished work isin’t it…and God bless you and Pastor Prince and all those who had been a comfort to you because of God’s love through Jesus

  2. My wife and I are SO GLAD for what Jesus has done for you and Betsy. We have experienced the same. Our lives have be REVOLUTIONIZED by this Gospel of Grace! Even if nobody else would understand… we have experienced the goodness of God for ourselves and could not return to our old way of living. Jesus has been SO GOOD to us… and has used Joseph Prince and the ministry of New Creation Church to help us. Many other good preachers are out there. Many others who understand God’s grace. But I thank God that He helped us as He has!!! Blessings on you all!!

    • Hi my dear and beloved brother, i wanna thank you to take time to read my blog and to comment as well.. What a blessing, what an amazing Work that Jesus did for Us.. And what a blessing God use this ministry to change people’s lives… Im so glad, so glad to hear your testimony indeed… Praise God for your lives.. What a tremendous blessings be able to edify each others with such wonderful testimonies.. Thanks my dear bro Bob.. Bless you

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