My testimony how Grace change my relationship with my oldest son through Pastor Joseph Prince Sermons

IMG_3902How Grace changed my relationship with my kids through Joseph Prince sermons

Im a father of 3 kids Tiago Emanuel ( 9 yrs), Diogo Gabriel (5 Yrs)and Melanie (4Yrs)

When Tiago was born in 2004 we have an amazing happiness.. He changed our lives.. Was our first baby, very cute, blond hair, blue eyes !!!! Meanwhile because of what I suffered in my childhood ( i was beaten strongly, i received bad treats from my father, ( today i look back and i love Him, and He is a great man) i started to project the same thing in my Son..

I was aggressive (but not too much) with Tiago, and more i tried to Stop, more aggressive i become.. So, i was felling condemnation under condemnation. And i was leaving frustrate with myself .

Than in 2007 Diogo was born, and i had a special felling for him… Changed my life forever, was so wonderful.. So special. But did not take to much time to realize that i had a different feeling between both them and than i felt guilty and condemn.

I wasn’t understanding why i was feeling that ( having preferences for Diogo). the more i was thinking on that the more i felt condemn… And the true was, i reflected in the treatment that i gave between them.. Always more tender and kindly with Diogo than Tiago.
I was living my daily life overwhelmed with that difference that i was making.

In 2009 was born the Princess of my life,Melanie.. And the difference got worse.. I was giving much more of my love to Melanie. And between the 3 i despised Tiago the more .Well, i was aware of that, but the more i tried to change that i never had success.

Tiago was felling the difference of treatments that i was giving between them, and that was killing me softly .

In 2011 when i heard for the first Time the Gospel of Grace from Bertie Brits in Belgium, everything started to change .

When i received the revelation what Jesus did for me, my heart started to change.. Than God showed me Joseph Prince preaching,i got His book and day after day i was hearing Him preaching.

The first thing that Grace affected was my relationship with my wife and KIDS, but more with Tiago. When i realized how much i was loved by God and the way He treat me my behavior with Tiago started to change, and i even did not try to change with Him. Like Joseph Prince was saying, the more you behold Jesus the more you will change.

Every day i took my cellphone with Joseph Prince’s sermons, and while i was welding i was with the headphones in my ears and hearing Him preaching preaching and my heart being transformed day after day.

I started to not always condemn Tiago, i started to lead with Him under grace, and my feelings changed…
Today, my relationship with my sons are totally different, im amazed by the wisdom that God gaves me to educate my kids… And to be Honest the “Guilty” of my changed is Joseph Prince by the times that He preach about educate our kids and by preaching Jesus ..

Beloved bros and sis, if anyone faced something similar dont condemn yourselves, is not your fault.. Sometimes its just lack of knowledge.. The way we believe that God treat us as His kids its the same way that we’ll treat our Kids..

Thank you Pastor Prince to be such a blessing to the body of Christ… Every sermon of you is priceless..


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